Our sustainable farm

The heart of our farm is the mechanical and biological treatment of water.

Cultivation with microorganisms

Our breeding water does not contain any artificial additives. With the help of reactors filled with biofilm (a group of microorganisms) biological filtration takes place, so that the clean culture water is realized.

The micro-organisms create the best sustainable conditions for a controlled, residue-free and healthy farming process for our eel. This process takes place in a recirculation system that reuses all used water. The result is low energy consumption!

From glass eels to eel

From the purchase of glass eels to the delivery of the farmed eel, the eel grows in 5 different farming systems with an optimal climate, until the eel is ready for release or consumption

Release in inland waterways

Some of our glass eels, which have grown into palinkjes of 3 to 10 grams each, are released in the inland waters of the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

The release of glass eels is important to maintain the eel stock.


We are a member of Dupan, the Dutch Sustainable Eel Sector Foundation, the Dutch Fish Farmers Association (NeVeVi) and certified by the Sustainable Eel Group.